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Me finally posting

Rating: PG13 (mentions of orgies, slash, h/d material)
Brief Description: Me babbling, reading fanfiction, and otherwise sounding stupid
Format: .wav
Length: 2.10
Size: 206K
Link: Right click and select 'Save Target As'

Er...Yeah, I don't have a mic so I had to go through the phone post process and it's a little different from YSI whereas you have to right click the link and go to 'Save Target As'...of course I would be the odd one XD
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Awww! You have a southern accent! :D! I think that's the first one here so far.
*waves flag* Yep, someone needs to represent the americans :D Thanks ♥
*tihihihih* Ah, adorable :))) "It's one of my favorite parts, because it's...uhmmm...funny" *sniggers* Said in such a very dry tone ;) You sound very, very nice, I mean, well yes, I so have a foible for voices and everything audio *dreamy smile* So yes, hope you'll buy a mic sometime soon, because I want to hear your voice without this crappy quality, yesh?

*huggles quite madly*
Eee..thanks :D Well, I was thinking about how stupid I probably sounded *grin* Yeah...I want a mic...but I have to wait until I get the money for it.

*huggles back*
Uh yeah, the problem with money *shakes her head* Why are we living in a time like that? If we would be some primitive cave men again, we wouldn#t have to worry about money...but yeah, we wouldn't enjoy the pleasures of internet and listening to other people's voices, eh? ^.^
And no, not stupid, honey, just nice and sweet and want-to-et-to-know-better-like ;)))
Yes, as they say, 'money doesn't grow on trees'...Though I wish it did. It would makes things SO much easier. And YAY for not sounding stupid :D
omfg your voice


♥ Thanks!

Hmm...I would share if I could...but I'm not sure that's possible XD